Things of Note

5 Things Feminists Men Do

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1. Respect boundaries
Feminist men do not feel entitled to a woman’s body. They respect women with courtesy and respect whatever boundaries women set especially when it comes to sex.

2. Treat women as equals in the workplace
Feminist men do not put women down in the workplace just because of their gender. They provide opportunities and encourage women co-workers that have the potential to rise to leadership roles.

3. Listen and allow women’s voices to be heard
Feminist men do not mansplain or interrupt women who have something to say. They listen and allow women to speak and contribute ideas. They let women have a place on the table instead of leaving them stuck in the sidelines with nothing to say on matters that could potentially affect them.

4. Understand the challenges women face
Feminist men make an effort to learn and understand the challenges women face. They do not dismiss the problems on inequality, lack of opportunities, and other issues that women deal with every day.

5. They support the women’s fight for equality
Feminist men do not see women as threats. They support their fight for equality and lend their voices when needed to help in sending the message across to a greater number of people.