The Campaign  


Demand Change! is a joint campaign between Eaves and OBJECT. Read more about us here


Demand Change! calls on the Government to fulfil its multiple international and domestic obligations to tackle demand for prostitution.  Section 14 of the Policing and Crime Act 2009 which criminalises the buying of sex from a person who has been subjected to force or coercion is a welcome step towards holding those who purchase sexual acts accountable for their actions.

However, although an important step in the right direction, Section 14 does not go far enough in terms of tackling the demand for prostitution which fuels sexual exploitation, violence and abuse. Demand Change! therefore calls on the Government to follow the ‘Nordic model’ which decriminalises those who sell sexual acts whilst criminalising those who purchase them. This approach has so far been adopted by Sweden, Norway and Iceland, as key parts of their policies to end violence against women.

It is only through tackling demand – holding the buyers of sex accountable for their actions and challenging attitudes towards the buying of sexual acts – that we will be able to end the sexual exploitation, violence and abuse experienced by many women and girls in prostitution.