The Art in Women Empowerment


Women are powerful. They are driven individuals who make the world a more meaningful place to live in. However, most of them hide in the shadows of their past, of others’ criticisms, of their own fears, and of others’ generalizations.

One way to empower women is through painting. I’m not talking about painting a canvas, but I’m referring to the painting of walls, roofs, ceilings, floors, and other stuff most male handymen paint. Most female artists hold brushes, but a few of them hold paint sprayers. Why is it a big deal to empower women through this type of painting?

woman-militaryBecause it’ll show that women can accomplish what men can too.

They can also be as good at fixing a faucet as their husband.

They are strong enough to handle those power saws.

They can perform tasks that are generalized for men. They could even be better!

Aside from that, painting releases a positive feeling. It’s an excellent therapeutic activity for those women who have been been tested by the storms in life, are trying to change the path the world has defined for them, and for women who wish to overcome what they’re currently going through.


Creativity through painting is also an influential tool that women can use to affect their political surroundings. It’s crystal clear—women and painting are a perfect combination when it comes to empowerment, which is why if you also wish to fight for women’s rights, I suggest you read reviews of indoor paint spraying equipment right now, and be part of the movement, this artistic movement of empowerment.

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