Support Clause 14 (formerly 13): A Crucial Step Towards Ending Commercial Sexual Exploitation


Clause 14 (formerly 13) criminalises the purchase of sex acts from a person who has been exploited. It shifts criminal liability away from the person being exploited and places it firmly on the shoulders of the person contributing to the exploitation by choosing to pay for sex and thereby creating demand.

This is a crucial step towards ending the exploitation of women and men through prostitution by tackling the problem at its route - tackling the demand. The Demand Change! Coalition fully supports Clause 14 and we encourage all Women's organisations, social justice and human rights organisations to sign the joint statement on Clause 14.

BREAKING NEWS: On November 3rd Clause 14 was passed in the House of Lords. It is now set to become law! Thank you to all of the organisations who signed the Joint Statement of Support. This support was really influential and was mentioned in the debate.